The TransPak was engineered to protect personnel from the hazards of contaminated instruments after surgical use. This strong, lightweight plastic soaking system is designed for minimized spillage and splashing, helping to protect hands and eyes from possible infection during transport to cleaning facilities.

The TransPak meets AORN and ANSI/AAMI standards for proper transport of contaminated surgical instruments. The removable insert tray permits the safe transfer of contaminated instruments with no hand contact.

The TransPak itself can be transferred directly to a washer/decontaminator.

transpak decontamination box
8600Transpak complete box, base, lid and insert320x596x147 mm
8600-00Transpak base and lid only320x596x147 mm
8600-01Transpak base only320x596x156 mm
8600-02Transpak lid only368x645x13 mm
8600-03Transpak insert only246x525x139 mm