Kwire dispenser

Made by light stainless steel, designed for easy sterilization, stocking and dispensing of various diameters of Kirschner wires and pins.

Available in 11 different lenghts all references are available with silicone insert inside lid in order to protect wires points. 

In distal part are available new optimised liquid outlet system


Kwire dispenser
  • Made in high quality stainless steel
  • More than 10 sizes available
  • For wires from 100 to 440 mm


BIK1910Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser100 mm
BIK1912Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser120 mm
BIK1916Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser160 mm
BIK1918Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser180 mm
BIK1920Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser200 mm
BIK1923Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser230 mm
BIK1925Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser250 mm
BIK1931Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser310 mm
BIK1944Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser440 mm
BIK1948Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser480 mm
BIK1955Stainless steel K-Wire dispenser480 mm