Autoclavable brushes

High quality of flat brushes, especially designed for a perfect pre-cleaning of a wide range of surgical instruments and surfaces.

You can use this kind of brush in order to clean surgical instruments surface, tables, basins, scope and all endoscopic products.

All models are equipped with white polyamide fiber bristles and plastic handle will not release toxic components.

Available in 6 models (2 single use and 4 reusable/autoclavable)


  • Available in four grades of hardness, ranging from ultra rigid to ultra flexible
  • Transparent polyamide fibers unsure high bristle quality and allow for quick verification of its cleanliness
  • The plastic used to create the handle enables elimination and ashing without the release of toxic components
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable hand grip
  • Rigid and flexible brushes are also available in single use/day brush version


Extra rigid: instrument safe polyamide fibers offer steel like rigidity and allows deep cleaning of soiled instruments, particulary in grooved or uneven surfaces.

Rigid: the rigidity of this brush along with the length of the bristles and handle improves and simplifies instruments cleaning.

Flexible: this brush is designed for large instruments that require a more gentle cleaning application, such as, optics, plastics or hard ro reach spots which are easier to clean using a flexible bristle.

Extra flexible: the very long bristles eliminate any stress during sanitization, and makes this the ideal brush for fragile instruments (optics, etc) as well as both pliable and rigid endoscope. The length of the bristles assist in cleaning areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach with shorter bristles, such as the accessory channel or tip deflection of pliable endoscopes.


STR BR22070-XSReusable / Autoclavable brush with supersoft nylon bristles5 pcs
STR BR22070-SReusable / Autoclavable brush with soft nylon bristles5 pcs
STR BR22070-HReusable / Autoclavable brush with rigid nylon bristles5 pcs
STR BR22070-XHReusable / Autoclavable brush with extra rigid nylon bristles5 pcs
STU BR22060-SSingle use brush with soft nylon bristles20 pcs
STU BR22060-HSingle use brush with rigid nylon bristles20 pcs