Batrik endoscope bag

Transport Bags for endoscope, medical instruments and surgical devices are thoughtfully designed to eliminate touch-points during endoscope transport from point-of-care to the reprocessing area, and back, focused on safety of patients and medical staff. Two separate disposable clear plastic bags were designed for that purpose.


  • Made of recyclable LDPE material
  • Excellent resistance to dilute and concentrated acids, alcohols, bases and esters*
  • Can withstand high temperatures of up to 90 °C (194 °F)
  • Is characterized by being quite flexible, highly resilient, and tough
  • Good resistance to aldehydes, ketones and vegetable-based oils*
  • Latex and DEHP-free
  • Tamper-evident seal for added safety, also aids in keeping the instrument moist to avoid drying of bio-debris
  • Clearly marked bags for immediate identification of clean and used scopes with the help of color-coded visuals
  • Users can write important information directly on the bag in spaces marked with visual icons 
17-HAP24Transport bag for clean equipment – green61×56 cm200 pcs
17-SAD24Transport bag for soiled equipment – red61×56 cm200 pcs
17HAP30Transport bag for clean equipment – green77×66 cm200 pcs
17-SAD30Transport bag for soiled equipment – red77×66 cm200 pcs