DuraHolder IPS is designed to protect and organize delicate surgical instruments within a wrapped set or container system. Available in more than 40 configurations. Designed by a leading university hospital to prevent costly damage to their delicate neuro instruments. After years of use and improvement, this system it’s now available for all EU countries.

Duraholder instrument pouch was designed to assist SPD personel in three ways:

Protect – Every year, SPD budgets are stretched to cover the cost of instrument repair and replacements. Duraholder® offers a proven method of protecting delicate instruments.

Disorganized instrument sets can add to the already expensive minutes, costing hospitals thousands of dollars. Duraholder® is a proven method of saving set-up time.

Duraholder® has been validated to comply with the AAMI standards.


  • Latex free
  • Available in more than 30 sizes
  • Compatible with stean sterilization
  • Made by high quality material
  • All models are packaged in a box of 100 pcs

Most popular sizes

DURA050/1001 pochet24 x 1724 x 17
DURA100/1002 rows, 6 pockets on row7,6×12 cm 7,6×1744 x 30
DURA102/1002 rows, 6 pockets on row7,6×12 – 7,6×1744 x 30
DURA200/1002 rows, 6 pockets on row with notches / tape7,6×12 – 7,6×1748 x 25
DURA300/1002 rows, 6 pockets on row7,6×12,7 – 7,6×1748 x 25
DURA317/1001 row, 18 pockets5 x 12,746 x 28
DURA415/1001 pocket10 x 2610 x 26
DURA505/1001 pocket14 x 1214 x 12
DURA512/1001 pocket30,4 x 12,730,4 x 12,7
DURA602/1002 rows, 6 pockets on row with slits6,3×12,7 – 6,3×1845 x 40