bclean test pack are single use autoclave test pack, designed for vacuum-assisted sterilizers to test efficiency of the vacuum system, to remove air from the sterilizer chamber and to detect leaks in the system that would allow air into the chamber.

A uniform change of indicator sheet confirm that all air inside chamber was replaced by steam.

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Bowie Dick Test Packs should be placed over the drain each day to test your pre-vacuum steam sterilizer. During the cycle, the indicator ink will change from yellow to a blue/purple color. After the cycle is complete, the indicator card can be removed and kept for your records.


  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Indicator color is easy to read and interpret
  • Water based and non toxic chemical indicator is used
  • Backside of the indicator sheet contains field to be filled out and it can be kept as a permanent record for traceability purposes
  • Fully compliant with European Standard ISO 11140-4 (Type 2 + 4)
BC-TB01bclean Bowie & Dick test pack ready to use96 pcs