Plastic decontamination set approved for presterilization cleaning and chemical disinfection with all permitted solutions. Made of poluplastic Armlen and approved for steam sterilization at 120° C these basins are used for storage of sterile instruments, but not intended for steam sterilization of instruments.

The perforated tray eliminates medical personnel tactile contact with contaminated contents and disinfectant solutions, also providing flushing of the items being cleaned. All plastic parts of the device body are indifferent to all permitted disinfecting and sterilizing solutions.

These decontamination sets are equipped with a plate that works as tightening weight and provides full immersion of the rubber and plastic items in the solutions.Bath cover protects medical personnel from inhalation of the disinfectants. Containers are available in several sizes that allows their effective usage at any department of different medical facilities.

All items can be sterilized at 121° C.

Plastic boxes for instrument decontamination
EDPO-1-S1225x150x100 mm145x112x70 mm
EDPO-3-S3300x210x125 mm205x160x105 mm
EDPO-5-S5395x260x155 mm255x200x125 mm